Purim Events & Services

Wednesday March 16, 2022
Fast of Esther. Fast  Ends 7:29 PM
Maariv & Megillah Reading 7:30 PM
YJP Sports Purim Bash at 7:30 PM MORE INFO >
Thursday March 17, 2022
Morning Services 8:00 AM
Megillah Reading 8:45 AM
Purim  Breakfast Feast
Purim in the Stadium 5:30 PM MORE INFO >

YJP Sports Purim Bash

Young Jewish Professionals
Kick-off is Wednesday, March 16, 2022 at 7:30 PM @ Beth Israel Chabad 40 King Street Norwalk
We’ve had some great wins in the last few months!
Join us at the YJP Stadium to let out some of that team spirit.
Come dressed up repping your favorite sports team; come for the fun, stay for the friends! ⁣
Bring on the fanfare as we celebrate with the real MVP’s, our YJP community.
Eat, drink, and have a ball with us, hear the Megillah, and grab your very own Shaloch Manos to take home. ⁣
Let’s knock this Purim outta! the! park! ⁣
⁣at the YJP Stadium
Open Sports Bar
Megillah Reading
For Jewish 20's and 30's living in and around Fairfield County, CT.
Singles. Couples. Professionals.

Purim in the Stadium